Manufacturing Aluminium Ute Racks, Nudge Bars, Aluminium Welding, Custom Work Supply of Pantha Trays in Brisbane

Manufacturing Aluminium Ute Racks, Nudge Bars, Aluminium Welding, Custom Work Supply of Pantha Trays in Brisbane

What Are Different Types Of Cargo Barriers Available For UTEs?

Cargo barriers are designed to protect the occupants of a vehicle in case of a collision. In many cases, cargo barriers are used to transport cargo items and secure them in place during transit.

There are numerous different types of cargo barriers available depending on the size and shape of the cargo being transported. For example, there is a special type of barrier known as a “3-sided barrier” that is designed specifically for large objects.

Welded Cargo barriers are a necessary part of any commercial area. If you run a warehouse, storage area, or shipping and receiving section, cargo barriers are a must-have. Not only do they help control the flow of traffic, but they also prevent accidents from happening.

Cargo barriers come in many different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of your particular business. There are some with gates, some without gates, and others that have removable pockets that can be used for storage. Broadly categorized cargo barriers types are mentioned below:

Net Cargo Barriers

These types of cargo barriers are tied down, and then the netting is used to hold it in place. It protects your goods like tools, food, and drinks from falling out of your vehicle if you make sudden stops or go over bumps in the road. Nets have been used for a long time by utility companies to carry goods. They’re becoming more popular with other motorists because of the protection they offer against damage, theft, and loss of property.

Metal Cargo Barriers

Metal cargo barriers have been around for a long time now and they are made up of strong metal. However, they were not introduced to the public until the 1950s. At that time, a number of truck companies installed them in the back part of their trucks to maximize space while keeping the goods in place within the vehicle. The metal welded cargo barriers are used in most UTEs.

Plastic Barriers

Plastic cargo barriers are a great way to protect your product while it’s in transit. These plastic units may be installed around the truck, often right where the product is. These can help keep the product safe during a bumpy ride by keeping items on the floor of the truck bed.

These plastic cargo barriers are typically used for fragile products that would be damaged if they were to fall over or shift. They’re also popular for items that need to be kept at a specific height or distance from other products.

Plexi-Glass Barriers

A plexiglass barrier is a transparent material that is used to divide two areas of UTEs. The use of these barriers can help you keep your cargo backspace organized, and ensure that all staff members are doing their work and not just chatting with each other all day.

Plexiglass barriers are usually three-sided, giving everyone the ability to see through the barrier from all angles. They have a sturdy base so they won’t topple over when bumped into.

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